Green Homes Houston

Building Solution 4 Living custom green homes in Houston is a rewarding experience for our customers and our green design portfolio includes Craftsman, Mediterranean, Transitional and Modern homes.

Our in-house design capabilities enable us to work closely with our customers and address every little detail.

The design of your custom home is based on a comprehensive questionnaire that guides yourself and us into the right direction. From the resulting floor plan layouts we then develop a 3D model that allows you to see the home as a computer model complete with landscaping and interior features. Once you are comfortable that everything is how it should be we produce the architectural plans and structural engineering.

With a custom home you can also increase the level of environmental design and energy efficiency. Whether you opt for SIP panels for the envelope, add solar heating and cooling capacity or want to go completely ‘off-grid’ we are happy to guide you and provide the services your project requires.

The desired comfort level of your custom home is one of the major focuses of the design process and we love working on small minimalist designs as well as on more elaborate styles and representative homes.

Our competitiveness, lean company structure and our reliable trade partners allow us to offer custom home experience at spec house pricing.

Any of our spec homes can also become a custom home and can be personalized to meet your life style. You may choose all finish selection from floor to trim package, from appliances to landscaping, provided the construction process has not progressed too far.

Whether you are looking for a lot to build on, or want to build your home on a property you already own, we invite you to a free consultation to explore what Solution 4 Living can offer.

Design Process

Building a custom home can be a daunting task and we guide you through this process in manageable steps. Our Custom Home Design Process starts with a thorough interview during which we determine the main criteria of the home. Your life style plays as much a role as the lot the home will be built on and your budget. We determine the style of the house not only in terms of architecture, but also in terms of how your daily routines are and what you expect from the new home. Our comprehensive questionnaire provides a room-by-room checklist and is designed to help you think about the features you may want to see in each area of the house. After we have established the initial direction we will show you a few properties that are in line with your vision, to narrow down specific areas.

Based on these first sessions and a building site inspection, we will produce a preliminary design study that often includes more than one design. We use state of the art 3D design software that allows you to see the proposed structure as a model. You will be able to look at the house from any angle, walk through the house and get a good idea how the home will feel. This process establishes the rough layout and shape of the house and determines how it will be situated on the lot. The design will always take site-specific details such as southern exposure, sun angles, trees, views, and neighboring properties into consideration. The resulting floor plan and elevations are then used to go into more detail.

Design Features

After the floor plan and rough elevations have been established it is now time to focus on the design features. This involves detailing the structural components, doors, windows, location of plumbing fixtures and appliances and stair cases. The exterior materials and features such as roofing, columns, railings, siding materials, and other exterior trim are also finalized. Then kitchen and bath cabinetry is specified, as are any built-in cabinets and trim carpentry. Another important feature may be structured wiring components from sound pre-wiring to automated curtains, from networking to security systems.These steps are all worked on in close communication with you and we insert our suggestions as needed to help you in the decision process. We will also offer our advice in terms of cost for the various components to assure that your budget is not exceeded.

Green Home Features

During the entire design process we will offer our suggestions to make the house as energy efficient as possible given a certain budget and guide you in the selection of green materials. Some of these green features may dictate the design to a certain degree. If you would like solar panels, for instance, we have to design the roof slope with the correct exposure to maximize the solar benefit. If you would like SIP panels we will design the home to minimize fabrication cost of the panels and with your permission we will “tweak” the design to make use of passive features such as window overhangs to minimize direct sun exposure. A green home may be as simple as an Energy Start Certification and can be as complicated as an “off-grid” design. From rain water collection to geothermal heating and cooling, or just a well for irrigation water, we will work out the details for you.

During Construction

Once construction has started we will alert you to at various stages to make your selections of materials such as flooring, plumbing fixtures, tile selections, bricks and many more. We also want you to walk the construction site with us to confirm structural components at stages were minor changes can still be incorporated. Together we will confirm critical items, from locations of light switches to placement of showerheads. No detail is too trivial to be addressed.

In some instances you will work directly with our sub-contractors and suppliers to work out details, in other cases we will provide the choices for you to pick from. But we will always be on your side to offer guidance and support.

Final Touches

Once construction has reached the trim stage we will closely work together with our carpenter, flooring professional and painters to choose window and door trim, cabinet layouts, colors and tile work. We will facilitate meetings with our suppliers to guide you in your selection of all required materials and fixtures, be it granite for the kitchen counter or choosing a refrigerators. And finally we can direct you to interior designers for your curtain selection or landscaping professionals to create your backyard oasis.

Cost & Budget

A common misconception regarding our services is that they are expensive and or that we only build large homes. Green building does frequently involve costs not associated with non-green building, however we recognize that not all of our clients want all the features that we specialize in and of course everyone has a budget. We can and do build smaller homes and we make an effort to work within all of our client’s budgets, however modest they may be.